Friday, June 26, 2015


I have been talking about starting to swim for about a year now. I know it is the best way of exersizing when pregnant and even bought goggles to go. Alas I never went until last night. So only about a year and a half late.. not bad. My friend and I went and did 10 laps and man I felt it after. I actually got a bit seasick from lack of glasses and goggles but hopefully next week I will remember the contacts and goggle combo so I wont feel as nausaus.
So summer workouts will be looking like:
 1 night swimming
 1 night yoga
 1 night abs
and maybe I will reintroduce strentgh training
Side point, we are having a Simchat Bat for my daughter on Sunday and I bought all this ice cream for the ice cream sundae bar.
Maybe I just wont diet that day.

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