Friday, May 15, 2015

Goals and Weekly Weigh In

In the past I have done weight watchers and south beach and lost around 20 lbs on each of them. Now as a 10 week postpartum exclusively breastfeeding mom I am not going to portion control or count calories but I am trying to eat healthy and stay away from carbs...

Most of my days over the last two months have been:
-coffee with creamer (I have tried to break this addiction for 6 years and so far not happening)
-nonfat plain greek yogurt with trader joes granola, honey, and berries,
-lunch like below chicken and sauteed veggies
-dinner is usually whatever I can find (chicken patties, chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, pizza)

This chicken was actually really good and I made it again this week for Shabbat!

Asian Inspired Chicken Breasts
2 chicken breasts
Salt and pepper
Ground ginger
Curry powder
Soy sauce

Cover chicken with spices drizzle with soy sauce and honey. Surprisingly yum!

These are the types of food I make now.. no frills and tasty and very diety!

Also Breaking News I weighed in this morning and we are at 178! Now the trick is not to eat full cakes for Shabbat.. fingers crossed that I can control myself.

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