Monday, October 7, 2013

1 pound down!

Yesterday I ate:
Salad with feta lentils pepper and cucumber with my old fave dressing (balsamic vinegar, safflower oil, Dijon mustard)
2 bowls of cabbage soup 
Chicken broccoli and eggplant saut√©ed with hoisin sauce 


Today was:
100 cal pastry crisps (yummy brown sugar flavor)
1 of those chocolate pirouette cookies
2 point yoplait Greek peach yogurt
Salad with chicken pieces and honey mustard and BBQ sauce As dressing
2 sushi rolls for dinner ! (1 spicy tuna covered on avocado and 1 California roll)
1/2 cup slow churned caramel delight ice cream. 

Body pump!

Today I weighed in at 155 which was down 156.5 so ok... Onward and upward!

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