Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh. Hey.

Over the past couple of months, I have been logging my food on the WW app to no avail. Working out 3 nights a week has toned up my stomach but the past month of holidays has changed that. I went from a 153 with a flattish stomach in a zipped size 8 to what feels like a whale with a humongo blob belly at 156.5! So I am back to maintaining this blog! I will be eating healthy and logging my workouts here from now on!

So back by popular demand:

Monday (PRE DIET):
Coffee and Creamer- trying to cut back on the creamer its a very unhealthy habit!
Chocolate Popems ( in a meeting - working in the healthcare industry is ridiculous with the doughtnuts!!!)
Fiber 1- 2 point Brownie
Snyder of Hanover Peanut Butter sandwich pretzels
1 bowl of yellow split pea soup
Dinner at Mocha Bleu:
1 slice Margarita Pizza
French Onion Soup ($9!!!!)
Shared Disco Fries  aka French fries with mozarella cheese soaked in gravy aka heart attack on a tray
1 cup pumpkin ice cream

Tomorrows Lunch is packed and ready to go:
Coffee and sugar free creamer!
1 greek yogurt
1 salad with tuna can and lowfat sweet vedalia onion dressing
1 apple
Dinner-Sauteed Onions and Zuchini and Brown Rice
BODYFLOW class at 6:30!