Friday, June 14, 2013

Back on my game

So on Monday I bought a bag of Mint Oreos for the weekend and they were gone by Wednesday. NOT ok. So I am back on track now which just means I need to be really conscious about eating vegetables when I am hungry and want to snack.. not cookies.

Recent Dinner: Grilled Chicken, steamed broccoli and sauteed mushrooms (if only I always ate like this)

Another Dinner: Tortilla pizzas.. very thin and yummy! Roasted mushroom, tomato and pepper (3 seperate kinds G-d forbid my husband eats a mushroom)

An ACTUAL salad for lunch!! Hasn't happened in a month!!

Tuna, lettuce, tomato, corn, roasted mushrooms, peppers, cukes a squeeze of dijon mustard and a Tbsp of light mayo w/some apple cider vinegar.

Everyone has been telling me I look skinnier which is annoying bc I STILL WEIGH THE SAME! But whatever I am being very strict this week and have also started eating earlier in an effort to boost my metabolism in the morning.

Yesterday looked like:
Banana - now at 8:30 am not 11
Iced Coffee w/fat free vanilla creamer and skim milk
A chocolate chip brownie oat bar from Trader Joes (Amazing! and 3 points)
Chobani -nonfat peach- finally cheaper than $1 each when you buy 6!
Above tuna salad for lunch
Chili dog for dinner - downfall of the day. there is always one!

This week I have big plans to be on my game. I can do it.

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