Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A healthy lifestyle

I joined the gym! It had to be done and I have been wanting to join this specific one for awhile. They have great classes for me (Body flow- mix of yoga and tai chi but more upbeat, pilates, yoga, and zumba), daycare, and a pool! And I am being way better with eating fruit and veggies instead of oreos!
Dinner 2 nights ago: Chicken breast w/carmelized onions and steamed broccoli

Yesterday Eats:
Peach nonfat Chobani
Cat cookies - Awesome lowfat trader joes (1 serving =15 cookies=3 points)
Humongo Falafel w/roasted eggplant spread for lunch at 2pm w/diet coke
Dinner- Sauteed peppers and onions over brown rice (this recipe)

Exercise- Body Flow class at 24 hour fitness!

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