Thursday, March 7, 2013

Must turn flash on..

Taking pics for this blog really only happen on my iphone and it's getting pretty bad with these shadows and things..

Recent Eats:

Monday Night: 
Salmon (i ate 1/2 that portion ), Brown Rice, Sauteed Peppers w/Jamaican curry, cumin, S & P

Tuesday Lunch courtesy of Abbie!

Wed Night: 
Eggplant Parm (WW style)- aka dipped in eggwhites and baked w/breadcrumbs, sauce and way less mozzarella had I not been on diet
Salad w/ butter lettuce (my fave from Trader Joes), tomatoes, cukes, beets, corn, avocado

I have actually noticed I have been eating a ton of avocados, they are delicious and apparently in season because 4 of them in a bag from Trader Joes is $2.69! But alas 8 points for 1... So maybe instead of eating them all myself I will share with the Bud. I have been meaning to start feeding him some but it has to be when I am home and lets face it. I never am.

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