Thursday, March 21, 2013

And its Thursday already...

What a week in failed picture and eating attempts.
So far this week has been...

Fiber Bar
Cauliflower Soup
2 sushi rolls
2 bowls pasta of this yummy pasta
1 cup caramel delight flavored Edy's slow churned ice cream

Yummy pasta

chicken w/1/2 sweet potato and a scoop of basil pesto hummus
white chocolate covered graham cracker
Dinner may have been chinese takeout of fried rice, chicken w/garlic sauce and some broccoli from beef and broccoli dish, and there may have been an egg roll involved.

fiber bar
Lunch- falafel in a pita (a whopping 13 points!)
Dinner- 2 slices of fancy pizza (I assumed they are 16 point together could have been less though)
1 Stella Doro cookie

I will be shocked if I actually lose anything this week.

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