Monday, March 25, 2013

It was almost a good week..

Yesterday morning I weighed in at 159.. and I thought great 1.5 lbs this week!.. but alas this morning was back to 159.5.

Starting Weight: 167.5lbs
This Weigh-in: 159.5 lbs

This weeks loss: -1 lb
Total Difference: -8 lbs
Yesterday I ate:
Omelet w/onion, green pepper, part skim mozzarella
lunch @4:00pm - 2 cups of Ditalini pasta w/meatball sauce (no meat, just sauce)
dinner - Ice cream sundae

Technically I was fine in the points but who knows... Slow and steady wins the race I guess.

Chag Sameach/Happy Passover to all!

Hopefully I wont gain 10 lbs of Matzah! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

And its Thursday already...

What a week in failed picture and eating attempts.
So far this week has been...

Fiber Bar
Cauliflower Soup
2 sushi rolls
2 bowls pasta of this yummy pasta
1 cup caramel delight flavored Edy's slow churned ice cream

Yummy pasta

chicken w/1/2 sweet potato and a scoop of basil pesto hummus
white chocolate covered graham cracker
Dinner may have been chinese takeout of fried rice, chicken w/garlic sauce and some broccoli from beef and broccoli dish, and there may have been an egg roll involved.

fiber bar
Lunch- falafel in a pita (a whopping 13 points!)
Dinner- 2 slices of fancy pizza (I assumed they are 16 point together could have been less though)
1 Stella Doro cookie

I will be shocked if I actually lose anything this week.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

This past week has gone better than expected. The only issue is when I cut my food down, milk supply seems to go down also. I am not a huge fan of that but so far we have been OK with it and the Bud seems fine.

So this weeks stats:

Starting Weight: 167.5lbs
This Weigh-in: 160.5 lbs

This weeks loss: -2 lb
Total Difference: -7 lbs

This number also means that since being 9 months pregnant I have lost 40 lbs. Definitely giving myself a pat on the back for that one!

Here is to losing 15 more! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recent Eats

Lunch one day-1/2 chicken breast w/sweet potato and steamed cauliflower and broccoli

Trying to capture a BBQ Brisket Sandwich at Smokey Joes that Hubs and I split..
 meanwhile I captured a bun and a bud!

Must get better at picture taking.. This was Polynesian Skirt Steak (Recipe Below)

Roasted Asparagus w/EVOO, S & P, toasted sesame seeds and soy sauce

Breakfast of strawbs, vanilla lowfat yogurt, and some granola!

The Skirt steak recipe I used was from my sisters in laws cookbook:

Polynesian Skirt Steak

1/3 cup pineapple juice
1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions
1 tablespoon minced peeled fresh ginger (frozen minced ginger cubes.)
1 tablespoon honey
1 garlic clove minced (or frozen minced garlic cubes)
1 1/2 lbs skirt steak

Combine first 6 ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag; add steak to bag.  Seal and marinate 3 hours, turning once.

Remove steak from bag, reserving marinade.  Broil steak 5-6 minutes on each side.  If you’d like, you can baste when switching sides.

Weekly Weigh In, Just a bit late

Apologies my loyal readers as life has swamped me and I haven't been able to blog. This week was a toughie.. I made food for Shabbat and knew it was gonna be bad.. (menu in post to come) but for now here are the stats:

Starting Weight: 167.5lbs
This Weigh-in: 162.5 lbs
Total Difference: -5 lbs

This weeks loss: -.5 lbs

So, yeah.

On Friday I weighed myself and got 161! I congratulated myself all weekend while I ate pieces of pie. And then on Monday (aka official weigh in day) I had gained back a whopping 1.5 lbs. So needless to say this week I am going to be much stricter on my pie consumption.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Must turn flash on..

Taking pics for this blog really only happen on my iphone and it's getting pretty bad with these shadows and things..

Recent Eats:

Monday Night: 
Salmon (i ate 1/2 that portion ), Brown Rice, Sauteed Peppers w/Jamaican curry, cumin, S & P

Tuesday Lunch courtesy of Abbie!

Wed Night: 
Eggplant Parm (WW style)- aka dipped in eggwhites and baked w/breadcrumbs, sauce and way less mozzarella had I not been on diet
Salad w/ butter lettuce (my fave from Trader Joes), tomatoes, cukes, beets, corn, avocado

I have actually noticed I have been eating a ton of avocados, they are delicious and apparently in season because 4 of them in a bag from Trader Joes is $2.69! But alas 8 points for 1... So maybe instead of eating them all myself I will share with the Bud. I have been meaning to start feeding him some but it has to be when I am home and lets face it. I never am.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

I know, 3 posts in one day. But what can I say when it rains it pours!

Starting Weight: 167.5lbs
This Weigh-in: 163 lbs
Difference: -4.5 lbs

After this weekend I was sure I wouldn't have lost anything but alas it appears I lost another 1.5 lbs! I really hope the scale is not broken.

Posh Tomato

Over the weekend I was careful with my eating but also didn't hold back so much... I definitely  partook in my desserts. I realize that on Shabbat I only eat 1 meal that day so having a big meal full of points is not that terrible.

3/4 cup nonfat Chobani w/blueberries
1 piece whole wheat challah
3 pieces fake shrimp w/cocktail sauce
1 piece salmon
roasted asparagus
trifle (devils food cake, chocolate pudding, whipped cream and berries)
oreo cake
Saturday night I saw Safe Haven (yes I am a terrible movie lover- aka all things Nicholas Sparks) and on the way we stopped at Sixteen Handles. If I wasn't in a car and it was dark and scarfing the yogurt down then I would have taken a picture. Maybe.

3/4 cup nonfat Chobani w/blueberries
Lunch was at Posh Tomato a cool extremely thin crust pizza place near my moms house in Brooklyn. I discovered it on Instagram and knew we needed to check it out:


Eitan loving his caesar salad :)

My mediteranean pie - Plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, zaatar, labneh cheese, and some random seeds

Moms green olive pie (with a cute bud!)
I ate the equivalent of 1 pie and some caesar salad.
 2 chicken thighs
Steamed veggies w/soy sauce
( leftover trifle!)

The bud ate a mix of carrot and squash:



On Thursday all I ate was a banana, coffee, and this salad so by the end of the day had 22 points leftover.
Enter Chickies.
Cousin Balki (garlic) on whole wheat w/Kumbaslow (honey mustart mayo sauce), Onion Bloom (onion sauce), BBQ, Yin Yang (sweet/spicy), and lettuce tomato pickles.
Needless to say, there were no leftovers.