Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its been awhile...

My last post was May 2012. Since then I have had a baby! "The Bud" was born 10 days early at 8 lbs 1 ounz in September 2012. We are super obsessed with him as most new parents are I guess.

I took 4 months off of work,and now I am back. I have noticed that being a bit chunky while holding an infant is socially acceptable. Being a bit chunky at work where there is no evidence of said infant is sad.

So the blog is back!

I gained a whopping 55+ pounds during my pregnancy. Going from a svelte size 6 to a lovely size 14 (first size skirt i wore post pregnancy- borrowed from a friend) I now have lost around 35 lbs naturally from daily life, working, commuting, and nursing - dabbling in Pilates but really no time even for that anymore. But that's it, the weight loss has stopped. Usually this is called a plateu (I think in WW) but that is when you are actively trying to lose weight and honestly eating ice cream sundaes nightly (albeit low fat ones) is not really trying.

So today I rejoined Weight Watchers! and I know I can do it! Because I did it before!

So here are my starting stats:
Starting Weight: 167.5 - I KNOW, but there are no lies here on the internets.
Goal: 147!

That is basically what I was at before when I was skinny so here we go.....

20 (.5) lbs down!

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