Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chicken Overload

Leftover from the weekend, we had onion chicken, chicken breast, and amazing ground chicken triangles (must get the recipe) so we have basically been eating chicken for every meal this week so far.

Tuesday Eats:
Coffee and Smores Luna Bar (I previously thought Luna bars were full of points but alas only 5!)
Veggie sushi roll
Spicy salmon roll
-Courtesy of Abbie!
Chicken Salad - horrible pic below
Dessert- Help- 1 Black Russian cupcake and 2 hamentashen- the last of them so no more temptation in my apartment!

Trader Joes Butter Lettuce Bag, tomatoes, cukes, sweet peppers, avocado, chicken breast w/EVOO, Red wine vinegar, some spices and a dash of ketchup and dijon mustard

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  1. Yeee!! Gota shout out. Love it and that chicken salad looks so good!