Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2 Pounds Down

I weighed myself last night.. and again this morning, just to check on my progress because my weigh in day is Friday  (according to WW2013 rules with Brit). 165.5. Stepped on and off a couple of times just to check and it appears I have already lost 2 lbs! Conveniently enough when I logged onto the WW site this morning there was an exclamation point telling me they wanted my weigh in amount, so I wrote it in and got a lovely message from the weight tracker at WW.

I attribute this weight loss to the initial not stuffing my face/watching what you eat that comes along with starting any diet. One really notices these things on Shabbat, where instead of eating at least 3 slices of Challah with multiple spreads, chicken, potatoes, beef, in addition to soup and dessert,  I ate:
1 half piece of challah
roasted garlic
2 Tbsp eggplant salad
2 bowls soup- some sort of tomato sausage kind
1 piece london broil
1 sliver of strawberry trifle-  I will not go without dessert.

The rest of the weekend went like this:

Shabbat Lunch
1 bite challah
1 cup chulent
1 cup orzo salad
Salad w/pesto vinegarette
Israeli salad
3 chocolate chip cookies

Sat Night:
Israeli Salad
2 hard-boiled egg whites 
1 yolk 
slow churned mint cookie crunch and fat free whipped cream

Breakfast- 2 Low fat waffles plus low calorie syrup
Lunch- tuna can in salad w/leftover pesto vinegarette dressing
Dinner- Meat sauce w/spaghetti
Movie snack- 3 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies -Thank you Tali.

I made meat sauce with sauteed onion, mushrooms,carrots, and turkey trying to bulk up the sauce with veggies and a lower fat meat than beef. I did have two bowls of this though. Still less than previous weeks of the stuff your face as much as you want diet.

Overall I think that I was just eating sooo much before this that I lost weight because of the difference in consumption. Heres to a couple more by the end of the week!

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