Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back in the saddle

Yesterday was a bit more normal on the eating front.

Wednesday Eats:
Coffee and Fiberful Trader Joes Bar (only 3 points, thansk tal!)
Whole Wheat Wrap (3)
Chicken breast
shmear of Hummus
1/4 avocado
Greek Salad- lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, feta, red pepper, w/EVOO and Mrs. Dash seasoning & salt
Homemade pizza on Mamma Mia crust ( I counted this as 10 points because 2 slices of reg pizza is 9)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chicken Overload

Leftover from the weekend, we had onion chicken, chicken breast, and amazing ground chicken triangles (must get the recipe) so we have basically been eating chicken for every meal this week so far.

Tuesday Eats:
Coffee and Smores Luna Bar (I previously thought Luna bars were full of points but alas only 5!)
Veggie sushi roll
Spicy salmon roll
-Courtesy of Abbie!
Chicken Salad - horrible pic below
Dessert- Help- 1 Black Russian cupcake and 2 hamentashen- the last of them so no more temptation in my apartment!

Trader Joes Butter Lettuce Bag, tomatoes, cukes, sweet peppers, avocado, chicken breast w/EVOO, Red wine vinegar, some spices and a dash of ketchup and dijon mustard

Purim Fail

This past weekend was the Jewish holiday of Purim. I celebrated by eating nothing but Hamentashen for an entire day. That is why I have been hiding from this blog.  Because I am a fail and cannot say no to apricot hamentashen.

Our Purim Costumes: Catwoman, Batman, and Robin!

Hamentashen baking!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Shabbat Menu

My brother and his girlfriend are coming for Shabbat so I made some yummy eats (at least I think so)

The menu:
Friday night:
Challah- the sweet challah recipe in Kosher Delicious cookbook
Babaganoush- found this recipe online
Pumpkin soup
Squash Pie- an oldie but a goodie
Roasted Broccoli
Friend Tali is bringing dessert and a salad  

Chicken Cutlets
Purple Cabbage Salad
Brother Noah is bringing dessert for that as well

Some pics of the eats:
Tried to make a pull apart challah

Best Chicken Ever

Pre a 10 hour crockpot cook

Just for fun- My happy man :)

Weekly Weigh In

This morning I weighed in and got 164.5. Stepped off and on a couple of times just to check and it appears that is the weight. So first week back on WW:

Starting Weight: 167.5lbs
This Weigh-in: 164.5 lbs
Difference: -3 lbs

 I'll take it! Yesterday Eats:

Coffee and a banana
Egg Salad wrap w/pickles (3 point wrap, with 6 points of egg salad)
Sauteed Kale w/EVOO and chili garlic salt from Trader Joes
peppermint ice cream
graham cracker

Not the healthiest of days but I was still under my points. Shabbat cooking post to follow!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The rest of the day

After yesterday's #nutfail, last nights dinner looked like this:

Kale Chips and sauteed mushrooms in BBQ sauce
Butter lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, hardboiled egg, feta w/Balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, safflower oil dressing
Background = my life. Snow shovel behind the momaroo, play mat, bumbo seat (aka baby central) and also, anyone else watch The Following?! Best new show out there IMO. Was never a huge Kevin Bacon fan but so far I am most definitely impressed and totally intrigued!

Also the saddest thing is coming home from work late and your baby already asleep. My husband tried to keep him up but he was napping on his shoulder from 7pm on. I cuddled with the Bud for like 15 minutes and then we woke him up for bath and his bedtime bottle. ( I give one formula bottle a day prebed- 8 ounzes is a bit much for me to produce) and if he sleeps 12 hours a night from this formula then that's just fine with me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Soo Nuts are 1,000 points.

Today we had a meeting at lunch time and I decided to buy tons of fruit and not kosher cookies so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them while I sat. HR donated nuts for the meeting, so I thought Oh healthy I'll snack on these pistachios and almonds. Did you know that 1 cup of almonds is 29 points?!?!!?! Because I did not. So that was not the best choice for a snack. Thank G-d I only ate a couple of almonds and about a handful of pistachios. Now I will be eating vegetables for dinner. For 0 points. #WWfail

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2 Pounds Down

I weighed myself last night.. and again this morning, just to check on my progress because my weigh in day is Friday  (according to WW2013 rules with Brit). 165.5. Stepped on and off a couple of times just to check and it appears I have already lost 2 lbs! Conveniently enough when I logged onto the WW site this morning there was an exclamation point telling me they wanted my weigh in amount, so I wrote it in and got a lovely message from the weight tracker at WW.

I attribute this weight loss to the initial not stuffing my face/watching what you eat that comes along with starting any diet. One really notices these things on Shabbat, where instead of eating at least 3 slices of Challah with multiple spreads, chicken, potatoes, beef, in addition to soup and dessert,  I ate:
1 half piece of challah
roasted garlic
2 Tbsp eggplant salad
2 bowls soup- some sort of tomato sausage kind
1 piece london broil
1 sliver of strawberry trifle-  I will not go without dessert.

The rest of the weekend went like this:

Shabbat Lunch
1 bite challah
1 cup chulent
1 cup orzo salad
Salad w/pesto vinegarette
Israeli salad
3 chocolate chip cookies

Sat Night:
Israeli Salad
2 hard-boiled egg whites 
1 yolk 
slow churned mint cookie crunch and fat free whipped cream

Breakfast- 2 Low fat waffles plus low calorie syrup
Lunch- tuna can in salad w/leftover pesto vinegarette dressing
Dinner- Meat sauce w/spaghetti
Movie snack- 3 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies -Thank you Tali.

I made meat sauce with sauteed onion, mushrooms,carrots, and turkey trying to bulk up the sauce with veggies and a lower fat meat than beef. I did have two bowls of this though. Still less than previous weeks of the stuff your face as much as you want diet.

Overall I think that I was just eating sooo much before this that I lost weight because of the difference in consumption. Heres to a couple more by the end of the week!

Friday, February 15, 2013


This is just sad. Trying to conserve my points for Shabbat. #shouldnthavehadthathamentashen

First day back in the saddle.

So my first day back on WW was a bit tricky. I started at around lunch time so nothing could be done about the handful of m and m's and a reeces heart I ate earlier.

After that the day was:
Chicken breast (from purchased rotisserie chicken)
BBQ Sauce
1 small sweet potato
8 oz Terriyaki Salmon 
Steamed in a bag broccoli and cauliflower
1 cup slow churned chocolate chip cookie dough 
light whipped cream
fat free chocolate sauce

 Total points for the day: 42 (!)
I am allotted 33 points per day bc. I am still nursing so Thank G-d for that.

The killer was actually eating such a huge piece of fish. Apparently salmon is 15 points when its 8 ounzes!! Who knew? So I figured it was my last night of eating a sundae after dinner so I just went for it..

Re the steamed veggies, I love those! They are super easy and I feel like I have a side dish that is healthy and easy without being hard to make/prepare for. I bought a couple more last night at my 8:30 pm grocery run. That doesn't sound so late but boy does it feel it. (Maybe its the working full time, having a 5 month old, and cooking for Shabbat?)

Here's to a good, healthy, low point weekend!

Chateu steakhouse

Last weekend we went out to Chateu Steakhouse in Queens for my moms birthday lunch. This all happened and was fabulous:

Chateu Sampler: short rib spring roll, chicken and beef satay, duck in a blanket,  and sausage

Slider Trio: Chicken, Veal, and Beef

Delmonico Steak w/homemade onion rings and FLUFFY mashed potatoes - I did not eat that marrow blech.

Short Ribs
Happy Birthday mom! We got there at 2 pm. Obviously they didn't serve their lunch menu so prices got a bit steep but otherwise I recommend this place!

This was all prediet obviously...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its been awhile...

My last post was May 2012. Since then I have had a baby! "The Bud" was born 10 days early at 8 lbs 1 ounz in September 2012. We are super obsessed with him as most new parents are I guess.

I took 4 months off of work,and now I am back. I have noticed that being a bit chunky while holding an infant is socially acceptable. Being a bit chunky at work where there is no evidence of said infant is sad.

So the blog is back!

I gained a whopping 55+ pounds during my pregnancy. Going from a svelte size 6 to a lovely size 14 (first size skirt i wore post pregnancy- borrowed from a friend) I now have lost around 35 lbs naturally from daily life, working, commuting, and nursing - dabbling in Pilates but really no time even for that anymore. But that's it, the weight loss has stopped. Usually this is called a plateu (I think in WW) but that is when you are actively trying to lose weight and honestly eating ice cream sundaes nightly (albeit low fat ones) is not really trying.

So today I rejoined Weight Watchers! and I know I can do it! Because I did it before!

So here are my starting stats:
Starting Weight: 167.5 - I KNOW, but there are no lies here on the internets.
Goal: 147!

That is basically what I was at before when I was skinny so here we go.....

20 (.5) lbs down!