Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Broccoli chedder pasta

Last night I wanted a cheesy pasta sauce and had some frozen broccoli in the house so this was born:

I followed this recipe but just cooked the broccoli with the noodles for the last 3 minutes and drained it all then added the cheese sauce on top and mixed all together.
All I know is that there were no leftovers and I am pretty sure 2 people shouldn't be eating 1 whole pound of spaghetti.

Friendlys For Dinner

My mom was over on Sunday and once we found out there was a Friendlys nearby we knew it needed to happen. This was my awesome banana split:
2 scoops Butter Crunch- Best Friendlys Flavor!
1 scoop Maple Walnut
Reeses, Heath Bar, and Caramel
with whipped cream.
I basically came home and ate plain lettuce bc. i was in such a sugar shock.

Mocha Bleu

We went out to eat recently for a friends Bday and the food was too pretty to not take pics of!
Fish and Chips! (never would have ordered pre pregs.. go figure)

Eggplant Rolatini Pizza

Needless to say there were no leftovers...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nacho Night

One night this was dinner:

Chips with freshly grates extra sharp cheddar
Sabra Guacamole (on sale for 99 cents!)
Chopped tomatoes
Sour cream

Gone in about 5 seconds.

Kitchen Sink Soup- Old draft found!

Just found this in my blogger drafts and it must have been sitting here since Winter when I tried to start blogging again... and failed again!

This soup is a classic I always make
- saute onion and garlic in EVOO
-add whatever veggies you have!
-add vegetable broth from the box
-add can of crushed tomatoes
-add beans from can ( I usually go with kidney beans both red and white)
-add any leafy greens you have

Cook for a bit and enjoy!

I have some awesome food pics that I will upload here asap..