Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chicken Wings!

This week on Monday I weighed in at 145.5 which means I am just .5 lbs away from 145! Which is huge. But when I logged into WW I saw that the ideal weight for someone my height is 131-141. SO my goal has been lowered to 141. Unsure if I will be able to do it because my love for food has taken over again, but I have been consistently losing .5 lbs a week for awhile now so hopefully even with the reintroduction of awesome food back in I will still lose.

Enter Chicken Wings:
I love chicken wings from restaurants but they are always fried which adds tons of points, so I found a recipe online and baked them!

This recipe  was delicious and to avoid pan scrubbing I just used a foil pan and threw it away at the end. Problem solved.

Next time when I make them (possibly tonight for a dinner guest) I will lower the cayenne pepper just a bit!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh .. I have a blog?

I don't know where I am at these days.. maybe because  I just live the plan in a boring way and weight kind of drops off I am not as excited about food. Sad day.

BUT this past weekend was amazing and full of food:

Friday night was an awesome BBQ with hamburgers (on a sandwich thin for me), hot dogs (turkey dogs- less fat), and grilled chicken!
Shabbat lunch was a chulent made with brown rice, tomato sauce, potatoes, onions, spices, and a turkey frank. It was pretty lame without meat. Not doing that again. And out guests brought a brown rice salad, roasted veggies, and some other healthy food!

Sat night was a bit of a downfall with a snack of tortilla chips w/melted low fat cheese and salsa. Everyone on WW says that chips are a big no but I find that it is ok once in awhile. The only fail was the pizza outing after.. But I only had 1 slice and a handful of fries.

Sunday at 12: 1 slice french toast, 1 hungry jack pancake made from mix, and a small egg white scrambled w/onions and cheese.
Lunch at 3:30: delicious sushi rolls from Simply Sushi Cafe in Monticello, NY. Highly recomend the Black Dragon. YUM.

After that and an extra ice coffee I knew dinner was out of the question so by Monday I had lost another .5 lbs!

So total lost is now 18.5 and I have been pretty good this week so hopefully will lost another 1 lb by Monday!

Friday, August 5, 2011

just an update

This week has been nuts but on Mondays weigh in was down another .5 lbs so that brings me to a total of losing 18 lbs!

BBQ tonight so lunch today was cottage cheese and fruit. Lame I know but Gotta conserve points!
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