Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back From California

We were away on an amazing vacation for a week and it was my first vacation while on Weight Watchers. While I wasn't really logging in and noting all my points I definitely didn't just let myself go (at least until the last day). I missed my weekly weigh in and decided to just not weigh myself until the next week.

With all the Coffee Beans and yummy food I am pretty happy that I only gained back a 1/2 lb which means that this past Mondays weigh in was 152. Now I am back on the plan at full throttle and hopefully will continue to lose..

Here are the food shots from our Cali trip:

Cheesy Jalapeno Bagel at Coffee Bean
 (I know this is a gross pic but I had to document my first bagel in at least 3 months!)

Side of the road corn!

Fish Grill in Malibu - Grilled Fish Tacos
Not as good as it sounded or looked so I only ate 1 and the salad and snacked on a couple of fries

Hubs Grilled salmon on a bed of pasta - ate some of the salmon - delicious!

Falafel platter - split with friends

Crazy Amount of Chinese Food Consumed

Now back to losing weight!

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