Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Night for Dinner

I ate:

-1 entire bunch of KALE CHIPS:

Then I realized that I ate Parmesan cheese (in Judaism Parmesan is considered a "hard cheese" where one has to wait 6 hours before eating meat) So I had to make a random mishmash of the following:

-Braised Red Cabbage (This recipe) I substituted 1 cup of sugar for Splenda and it was wayyy too Splenda like. In the future when I make this I think I will leave out most of the sugar and just use 1/2 cup Splenda maybe

-2 Oz Smoked Gouda Cheese- part skim!

-3 servings (aka 2/3 of the tin) of this. Now this is a classic example of marketing. I could have made this exact souffle at home! Why I bought it I have no idea!

 Its gone now though so no harm done :)

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