Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am a jogger?

A bit delayed but things have been hectic with all the pre Passover planning going on!

Monday Morning Smoothie:
-Frozen mixed berries
-Stonyfield Organic vanilla lowfat yogurt
- 2 Bananas
-Pyure (Healthy Splenda)

Coffee w/white chocolate cafe latte creamer

Mid morning I went over to the new open Crumbs by my office (kinda by my office) and obviously my 11 am hunger kicked in and I just NEEDED a Crumbs Cinnamin bun

Lunch around 2 was:
Asian Chicken breast (leftover from Shabbat recipe below)
Roasted Kale (wayyyyy too salty!)
Roasted potatoes and garlic

After work it was so gorgeous I couldn't fathom just going on the elliptical so I texted my runner friend Rachel and hijacked myself onto her run. We walked down to the Riverside Park jogging/bike path. This was my first experience running so I was just jogging at my own pace and walking every 5 minutes when my body would cramp up.. I kinda liked it though.. maybe I'll stick with it.

After the run I met up with hubs and we went to Soom Soom an AWESOME falafel place on the UWS. On Mondays it is 2 for 1 so extra awesome for us!

They give you your falafel in a pita and then you fill it with all the salads and sauces you like :)
The only annoyance is the extra 50 cents for Hummus!

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