Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekends don't count?

I essentially eat what I want on the weekends and don't blog .. which means I don't lose weight at all and the really good food I eat doesn't even make it onto this blog.. I need to work out a system where it's not annoying to blog aka put pictures on ..  Anyways this weekend was great fun and food with family Shabbat at my in laws with most of my sibling in laws (including 2 munchkin nephews).

For the first time I can document exactly what I ate on Sunday.. usually its too much to remember :(

Grande Vanilla Latte from
Sunday was our close friends babies first birthday brunch so I had:

Sesame bagel w/cream cheese, lox, and tomato
slice of strawberry shortcake (sooo rich and sweet but delicious! Highly recommend Stop and Shop cakes!)

Dinner was Carlos and Gabbys (the best Kosher Mexican place around!
Nacho Grande Platter w/steak
1/2 chili burrito (the other half will be lunch!)

Then we went home and watched Never Let Me Go .. a really great/ really weird movie.. Andrew Garfield is just an entirely different role than Eduardo in The Social Network.. Kudos to him!

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