Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Edition minus the Hamentashen making pics!

This time change really did a number on me.. since the dreaded switch my eye has not stopped twitching... maybe partly to blame on me only sleeping 5 hours sat night but what can you do?
PS Take Me Home Tonight was great!

Saturday night midnight pizza slice may have not helped either :(

Sunday was just a continuation of more pizza (which is funny because I am not usually a huge pizza person)

1 slice as an early lunch and then went to my friend "Bean"s for a homemade pizza dinner (whilst making the Hamentashen- picture post to come)

We also rocked Costco and Trader Joes.. I am pretty sure I spend more on food than anything else (except maybe gas)

Exercise on Sunday:
33 minutes on the elliptical.. had to get off then because I found out we were locked out of our apartment and my husband had to go to the bathroom so it was time to go!

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