Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Thievery

Today was super hectic also..

When I got to work I found that someone had stolen my coffee pot for a meeting! Seriously was not ok and I promptly went to my boss to tell her how pissed I was. I know that sounds a bit childish but my entire office is all just a bit ridiculous...

Anyways I only got a coffee at 11 am when I ran to Starbucks to get the big cases of coffee for my office event. But it was a vanilla latte from Starbucks so woo!

Lunch was from NY Lunchbox and was:
greek salad and
sushi (a mix of california, spicy salmon, avocado, and salmon/avocado)
I may have tried a small sliver of leftover cake from last nights party...

Dinner was:
Terriyaki Salmon w/parmesan couscous and steamed broccoli
Its possible mint chocolate chip ice cream is calling my name....

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