Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heimishe Tuesday

Coffee for breakfast

Salad w/

  • Romaine
  • tomatoes
  • 1/2 avocado
  • craisins
  • feta cheese
  • cucumber
  • EVOO w/Mrs Dash seasoning (fyi they sell a big one for only $3 at Costco!)


Split 5 sushi rolls w/Hubs at Sushi Meshuga in Boro Park, Brooklyn. I love cheap sushi and this place was definitely cheap (ish)! As soon as I saw the A grade for sanitation I figured why not!

We attacked:
  • 2 Dragon Rolls (California roll topped w/avocado)
  • Meshuga Roll (salmon, cucumber, avocado topped w/spicy tuna)
  • Mexican Tempura Roll (spicy tuna and spicy salmon deep fried )
  • Tokyo Roll (Spicy salmon and mock crab deep fried) 
Also go us for not finishing the deep fried rolls and ordering another Dragon roll instead

We were in Boro Park last night to get some things for our Purim costumes.. Purim is the Jewish Holiday where we dress up and have a jolly day.. we like to get into it so our costumes usually take some planning.. and tons of shopping.

I will definitely post pictures because I am proud of this years costume :)

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