Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gym Slump

I don't know what it is but I just do not want to go to the gym. Last night I just could not go after work and it was Tuesday which meant I missed my fave yoga class!

I have 2 theories:
a- the gym I go to is too far and I always need to travel further to get there at least 15 minute walk or a subway ride
b- I am just in a slump because it is STILL WINTER!

So I am not forcing myself to go anymore, for my insurance payback I have t to go 2 more times before April 7th,  which I know for sure I can accomplish and after that I will just keep on trucking.. while looking for a gym that may be closer to my work and/or home.

Tuesday I ate:


  • Coffee w/mix of fat free vanilla creamer and last drops of peppermint mocha
  • Nature Valley Bar at 11:30 pm

Morningstar Veggie Burger (Mexican variety- there was yellow corn and black beans in this guy) w/melted mozzarella on a bagel

 Yummy leftover sweat and sour meatballs over couscous (herb and olive oil variety)

Sauteed Asparagus w/EVOO, Garlic, and lemon juice in my new grill pan!

Also I got something pretty awesome for my anniversary present! Cannot wait for it to come!!!

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