Tuesday, February 1, 2011


After seeing food/health bloggers make smoothies forever and lusting after them.. I finally gave in! (By giving in I mean took out my trusty Kitchen Aid blender that I got for my wedding 3 years ago and barely used once!)

I have made smoothies 3x this week!
2 bananas
handful of blackberries
5 frozen strawberries
1 strawberry yogurt container

1 banana
5 frozen strawberries
handful blackberries -finishing the carton :(
1 Greek peach yogurt container
- I didn't crush the ice enough on this one so it was a bit icy.. I knew for the next one

2 bananas
9 frozen strawberries
a couple spoonfuls of organic vanilla yogurt (Trader Joes)
- this was delicious! I just need a bit more yogurt next time.

this is a work in progress but I am really excited to be up and at em in the morning blending my healthy-fruity- wake up metabolism breakfast!

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