Monday, February 28, 2011

Seriously Manic Monday

Things are so super hectic at work just a quickie food post..

Coffee (It has gotten to the point that I seriously do not function without my coffee in the morning)

At 11 am I grabbed a handful of the Kettle Brand Sweet Onion chips to finish off the bag..

Lunch was 2 leftover small slices of pizza with fresh mozarella, tomatoes, and basil :)

My office party tonight included a huge buffet dinner.. I tried:
Stuffed mushrooms
Beef Skewer
Chicken Skewer
Fried black bean tortilla
smoked salmon on cracker
and Chicken thing on endive leaf

I only ate from the Asian table: Lo Mein, sweet and sour chicken, and steamed dumplings!

Small little apple puff for dessert..

Now that I list it I see it wasn't that little.. fail.

Good Night All

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