Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pandora Love Affair

I name this post the Pandora Love Affair because I have finally found a station I like.. I am not always the best or most interested when it comes to music, i.e. my Ipod is not always organized and I don't listen to it on an everyday basis.. nor do I listen to music at work (not bc. I wouldn't but mostly because my coworkers blast 106.7 lite fm ALL DAY)

Anwaysss since the Grammys I have decided I love Mumford and Sons and that their genre is something I should be listening to always.. so I wander over to Pandora and make my station. It is amazing!! In three days I have only skipped like 4 songs! Amazing!

Anyways yesterday was

Smoothie  (banana, vanilla yogurt, frozen blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, rasberries)
Granola Bar
Chicken (leftover Shabbat chicken w/ caramelized onions =Amazing!)
Lemon Butter Green Beans  (made w/Margarine to make non dairy)
Fantastic Cauliflower (if I do say so myself)-
            Roasted w/garlic salt, black pepper, paprika, safflower oil
            Parmesan Cheese (this made it delicious)
Penne w/ sauteed onions, eggplant, broccoli, tomatoes, yellow pepper w/ tomato sauce can

I loved the cauliflower so much I took a picture:

( I aspire to take better pictures this is from my BBerry)

Vinyasa Yoga class at Kipps Bay location Crunch - this pretty much kicked my Butt... I hope to go every week to get in better shape!!

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