Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where is my Gossip Girl recap???

Monday was somewhat productive. I find that if you are actually busy at work a lot less snacking occurs.

Yesterday was just:
Salad for lunch- romaine, tomatoes, cukes, red pepper, craisins, feta, avocado w/EVOO w/Mrs. Dash
some Kettle Cooked Buffalo Bleu chips- these are delicious I don't care that they are not healthy.
Dinner was leftover chicken soup from Shabbat and this amazing Chicken .. YUM!
Snack throughout the day of my fave heimishe cookies :)
I also am a HUGE fan of Apple Cider and just bought this amazing (if slightly tart) version:

It was good but probably could stand to be watered down a bit..

And Thank G-d for the return of Gossip Girl!! It felt so good to be reunited with the UES ridiculousness. My mother who was watching right along with me asked, "why do you watch a show where everyone is just mean all the time?" to which I responded, "Because its awesome." Pretty sure this is directly related to where the American Culture is going these days, but whatever, I'm down.

One of the best parts about Gossip Girl is actually the NYMAG.com review/recap of the show the next morning. As of now it is 11:48 am and still no recap to be found on the site. Come on!

p.s on Monday I did 40 minutes on the cross trainer/elliptical thing which was SUPER HARD because the resistance was so high.. but I persevered! yay me!

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