Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year

I basically fell off the planet for the last 3 weeks.. My husbands grandfather passed away in addition to me totally screwing up my back.. I have started exercising again but now every time im sore it hits my back and hurts to breathe and walk.. hmmm..

Anyways I have decided to make this blog NOT only about my weight loss.. but also about my life. I love clothes blogs and food blogs so why not just combine everything I like on my own.. there are no rules! So here I go....

 I have consistently been trying to not shop in 2011 but it is sooo hard with all of these extra 40% off sales going on. IT has only been 14 days and already i have failed 2x! So now I am for real. NO MORE SHOPPING.

 But before the ban I told myself if the beautiful Fauna boots went on sale I could get them so last nights Extra 40% sale off in Banana Republic stores trip turned into 2 pairs of the Fauna boots I got both BLACK AND CASHMERE! They were marked down to $119 so with the extra 40% off  they were each 71.99. The problem was the additional denim leggings and a beautiful sweater vest. (This in AND a black top coat, shirt, and sweater for hubbs) So now I am done. FOR REAL.

But look how pretty! I was lusting after normal black boots forever and now these are mine :)

PS Last night was pilates class on the upper west side. and the night before was 30 minutes on the elliptical :)

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