Friday, January 21, 2011

Bag Lady

I feel like a bag lady. I know it is normal in the city to bring at least 1 bag with you to work everyday but sometimes I feel a bit weighed down.

I currently use a JCREW tote bag as my gym bag.. it is like all the reusable tote bags that are available these days that you see people using for groceries etc. Along with my large Longchamp (which I got on ebay obvi)  I tote all my gym stuff, lunch, nook, and personal items everyday to and from work, sometimes with my yoga mat too!

I kind of want this bag:

It has been $50 for at least 4 months now and even with extra % off it is still not something I should max out my Banana card over. When you are $20 I will buy you! (directed at bag, not you.)

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