Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I am not so good at this blogging thing but anyways... The weekend consisted of more trying to be healthy but not entirely succeeding. At this point the only way I have enough energy to get through Sunday is drinking coffee periodically throughout the day. Normal?

Even Saturday night I got an iced coffee (with nachos and cheese dipped into sour cream and salsa (EEK)
Sunday was
Starbucks Latte in the morning
Spicy Salmon Crunchy roll
Salmon/Avocado Roll
(some bites of eggplant pizza)
Regular Coffee at around 2:30pm
Shabbat leftovers (Chicken, cauliflower, cranberry crunch)

Yesterday was a wonderful day though because I got to eat Carlos and Gabby's my favorite not healthy dinner (Kansas City Steak Soup and Buffalo Wings) I also have a half a chili burrito for dinner tonight (YUMMM)

I love that food even though its sooo bad for me!
Yesterday the rest of the day was Coffee, pesto chicken strips and Quinoa Salad (Avocado, tomato, cukes) for lunch.

Today was
Nature Valley Bar (green one)
Salad w/ Chicken, cukes, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, w Balsamic Vinegar, EVOO, and mustard dressing!

Tonight I must go to Pilates for some core exersizing.. but I just don't want to!

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