Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reuniting with Trader Joes and My Apartment!

For the past couple of weeks in an effort to save money, we have spent several nights at my In Laws.. this is very nice on their part to let us crash but usually it is much easier to have a routine of exercising and eating healthy when I sleep at home.

Case in point Sunday was spent lounging around the house and eating leftovers when maybe if I had been home I would have made a salad... But I can't go around blaming things on my inability to make a salad in someone else's house. All I know is that when I am on my routine of going home I do things like make extremely healthy dinners and go to the gym. For example yesterday I ate:

2 Garden Burgers on Arnold Sandwich thins w/melted Mozzarella and sliced tomato and Avocado
Garlic Chili Tilapia from TJ's - broiled when I got home (from the Gym!)
Salad w/feta, avocado, tomatoes, cukes, sweet little peppers, EVOO & Mrs. Dash
TJ's Bake at Home Ficelle French Bread- popped in the oven at 375 for 10 minutes and it was heaven.. I know I try to stay away from bread but because it is from TJ's I think its ok... I know.. so not.
Pumpkin ice cream (I know disaster but its in season now so I cant say no!)

And last night I went to a Pilates Mat class at the gym.. I thought I would be ok as I am slowly getting into better shape.. but alas I almost died. Had to keep stopping because my muscles were sooooo out of shape that they just wouldn't stop shaking... I for sure thought I would leave early but I stuck it out! So proud!

Now my abs are super sore which should bode well for my next personal trainer meeting!

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