Thursday, October 21, 2010

Personal Training

Last night I had my first "Kick Off" with my personal trainer at Crunch. I get 2 for free as part of my membership so last night's introductory meeting was a why not kinda situation..

I met with the man and we talked about :
my goals
my lack of flexibility
my lack of exercise for the past lifetime
my lack of motivation to spend hundreds of dollars a month to hire him so he can essentially force me to work out whether I want to or not...
Basically he was very clear that Yoga is not going to make me lose the weight and become in the top physical form that I was clearly destined to be in and that I need something forcing me to push myself physically!
I said that in a perfect world with tons of money maybe that would work but alas we are not in that world sooo I want my free trial and please stop pushing the sales pitch!

So that sucked but at least he stretched out my super sore butt and I get to meet with him for REAL next week and maybe I will see what all the fuss about trainers really is!

Yesterday was an ok eating day:
Breakfast- Coffee
Lunch- Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream!
Snack- Quinoa w/Butternut Squash
Dinner- Same salad with leftover meat inside as previous day this week!

So I think that even though technically I weigh 158 pounds (EEK)
BUT on my own scale at home at least I have lost 5 pounds!

Ha. Maybe I will fit in some yoga today :)

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