Monday, October 18, 2010

A Nightly Recap!

Today was a great day of leftovers from Shabbat :)

Breakfast- Coffee & Banana
Lunch- Some Quinoa Salad (avocado, tomato, and cucumber w/lemon juice, salt & pepper) asparagus, and a small portion of Scalloped Potatoes (A fantastic kosher recipe is in Kosher by Design for Entertainers- aka the pink one)
Dinner- A salad with lettue, tomato, avocado, cukes, pepper, cut up pieces of leftover french roast from Shabbat with a thrown together dressing of Apple Cider vinegar, EVOO, Garlic Salt, Pepper, and Sugar... along with 2 bowls of Chicken soup with Matza Balls!

Also my gym membership is paying off!
Went to Buff Yoga @ Crunch Gym tonight- Faster paced yoga with weights to make you really sore and sweaty! I will most probably not be able to move tomorrow but its worth it!

The weekend was filled with lots of eating out (too many Starbucks lattes) so I am happy to be eating some more homemade meals this week!

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