Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday will be a new start!

Oh man...
Yesterday started wonderfully... I was all ready to be healthy and fit.. and then my second night in a row of Carlos and Gabbys got to me.. I gave up and 3 vodka brownies later I was off the wagon.

To recap:

Gross salad w/feta and grilled veggies
Snack- only because I had to throw away part of my soggy salad and was still starving!
Medium Berrywild frozen yogurt -1/2 plain 1/2 coffee
Carlos and Gabbys (yum! but not good for diet)- 2 chicken zingers w/buffalo wing sauce and 1/2 a plate of nachos w/chili, guacamole, olives, corn, jalapeno sauce and many other delicious toppings!

This may seem horrible but just over a month ago i was eating at Carlos and Gabbys WEEKLY and sometimes not even once a week but 2 TIMES A WEEK!! So I view this week as a small failure because I went on Wednesday night (obtaining a free order of Buffalo fingers for later use) not knowing that I would be eating C&G's again on Thursday!

Which brings us to...
Terriyaki chicken salad w/balsamic vinegarette (!) Such a good dressing recipe involving Balsamic vinegar, mayo, ketchup, mustard, EVOO and italian seasoning...
More  C&G zingers and BBQ chicken salad..
3 VODKA brownies w/icing and sprinkles
I even took a chocolate chip cookie to snack on but then put it down because that is just NOT OK!

1/2 banana, vanilla yogurt, granola/coffee
5 Honey BBQ chicken zingers dipped in avocado sauce ( FREE and sitting in my fridge too easy to say no to!)
Promises to be an epic fail but hopefully I can pull through with no carbs and some protein and veggies.

Unsure if anyone noticed but this week was a bad week on the exersize front.. there were no bike rides only social obligations and tv, food, and sleep. So Monday will be a new fresh start!

Shabbat Shalom to all!


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