Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Its almost a month!

So today I will post a picture of myself for tracking purposes. Granted it is (from a blackberry so not good quality) and from a Lord and Taylor fitting room in a SUPERCUTE dress that I found and wanted ever so badly .. but alas there is no need to buy summer clothes anymore :(

That is part of my "shopping diet" - do not buy things that I dont need right now or ever. Anyways this dress is a size 10. I would ideally want to be on the side of 6-8 so onward with the diet...

Monday August 30, 2010 I ate:
Trader Joes Peach Yogurt
Lunch was:
Trader Joes multigrain crackers dipped in my homemade Babaganoush, and then some more crackers  with some really good cheese. Unsure if I mentioned it before but it is called Boursin cheese in garlic and herb flavor. It is a random soft cheese that is delicious and KOSHER! I got this at Fairway but I have heard they sell it at Costco as well.

At around 5 oclock when I left work and began my afternoon errands I started getting shaky.. this happens when I dont eat humongous filling lunches, so i got a Snickers bar to hold me. I know, not good for diet at all but unless i wanted to pass out on the F to Queens I had to do something to keep the blood sugar up. So yummy snickers it was!

I took my brother grocery shopping at Arons in Queens on Kissena Blvd. (Highly recomended this place it is the Queens version of Pomegranite!) we perused cheeses, fruits, veggies, meats and the like while listening to Heimish music. Fantastic.

So dinner was a takeout sushi roll called "The Storm" I didnt even look what was inside it was covered in spicy mayo and eel sauce so I grabbed! Blech- I dont like water chestnuts or carrots in sushi so gross.. but whatever 4 huge pieces in I was satiated so I stole 2 of Hubbos Tuna Tempura roll and I was good to go.

Later snack of a dinosaur plum completed my random day of eating..

Random I know but I think I noticed a difference in how clothes are fitting these days.. a bit less flab rolling over the sides of pants/skirts and if thats not a great achievement than I don't know what is!

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