Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trader Joes

Woa I cant beleive it has been a week since I posted.. Pretty shameful.. anyways I am back on the bandwagon after a night of watching Food Inc. Highly recomended to inspire anyone to watch what they eat!

So last night i went to Trader Joes to stock up on some organics and honestly their prices are not so bad. When buying organic you have to expect to spend a bit more but honestly a couple of cents more wont kill anyone, especially when their prices arent bad to begin with. And they have a wonderful kosher selection also.
So here is what I got for any interested:

3 organic romaine hearts- $2.79 (cheaper than 3 non organic in other stores)
yogurts - 79cents (tons of flavors and not made with cows treated with rBST)
multigrain crackers- $1.99
pita crackers - $2.49
Red pepper spread - Delicious and only $1.99 for a pretty nice sized container
Avocados- 4 for $2.99!
Regional cucumber - $0.79
Organic bananas- $0.29 each.. kind of pricey for me but i did it
Cranberry harvest rolls - $2.79

So go to your local Trader Joes because its worth it!

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