Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hello World

Hello Unknown Blogger World!

I have been stalking blogs (fashion, baby, food etc.) for awhile now and have always wanted to start my own. I wrote clothes blogs in my head and thought i'll start that soon..but alas i did not!

I am a shopoholic (trying to recover) and I am not obese, extremely overweight, or any of those labels (at least imo) but I recently discovered that while i looked at these fashion blogs,catalogs, women in the street I always thought  I would love that  ..  if it only looked on me the way it looks on her... and now because of these feelings i have been working with i decided it is time for a  REAL DIET!

 I recently started what i call my "healthy diet" and i will catalog it here (food and excersize logs) along with my weekly weigh in.. along with any other things i may feel like sharing (a bit of traveling, fashion, my unbelievable deals! etc.) The goal here is to lose weight (and not shop!) I will look good in my clothing that i own and not feel the need to buy something new that just makes me feel attractive while all of my old and "must have at the time" clothes sit forlornly in my closet waiting for that day when i will be comfortable in them again.

I am 5"3 and a half and as of today weight 160lbs ( I know!!) My goal is to lose at least 20 lbs. and look and feel good.  In my past at 125lbs I was a STICK so I dont care to go there (but if it happens i wont complain :)

So here we go:

Wednesday, August 4:
Banana and coffee (starbucks pike place roast w/fat free vanilla creamer)
Salad consisting of: romaine lettuce, tomatos, cukes, roasted veggies (peppers, zuchini, yellow squash and portabello mushrooms) and feta cheese drizzled with EVOO and Mrs. Dash original seasoning (my go to healthy dressing)
Flounder- cooked with a little butter, lemon juice, dried basil, tomatos and salt and pepper
Mashed idaho potatos -w/garlic powder, butter, s/p (I know! i will try to be better )
and dark cherries as dessert

2 miles on my new awesome bike-
100 stomach crunches (I havent done these in years but i MUST try and tone myself i am a flabball! I will post a picture of myself tonight as my Before  picture.

But that is it for now..

Wish me luck!


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