Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back in the Game

Wow weekends are failures. This weekend was particularly brutal as we were away for Shabbat and then in Chicago Sunday/Monday for a wedding.. So there was no excersize except for dancing at the wedding ( I would not normally count that but we are desperate here)
So to recap:

Friday, August 6,2010
1 leftover slice of homemade whole wheat pizza
5 honey wheat pretzels dipped into green olive dip
Snack :(
baskin robbins soft serve ice cream
carrot soup, Amazing Honey garlic chicken, Cauliflower popcorn, potato kugel, cake/lemon square
(and this was not eating everything offered... hence how Shabbat is horrible for diets!)

Shabbat/Sunday- I am skipping as the amount of food consumed is unnaceptable.. and that is even with cutting back significantly..

no lunch just snacked on some Snyders of Hanover pretzel cheese sandwhichy things
Dinner @4 pm
1/2 a caesar salad w/ 1/4 baked ziti (shared)
Snack @ 10:30 pm
honey bunches of oats cereal w/milk

cottage cheese double with peaches
Tuna melt wrap w/tomatos from Books and Bagels
1 slice of pizza and a diet lemon snapple (I didnt actively do this but I was at a meeting and the food was provided for us)

soo slowly but surely I am getting back in there! I wish myself energy to get on the bike tonight!


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